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A.V. Stepanova, A.N. Larionov, Yu.O. Larionova. 2.2 ga mafic sills in the central part of the Karelian raton: U-Pb dating of zircons and geochemistry of gabbro-dolerites in the lake Bolshozero area3
T.V. Kartushinskaya, V.V. Balagansky, I.A. Gorbunov, A.N. Larionov, P.A. L'vov. Pb age of inherited zircons from leucosomes in grey gneisses of the Salma and Gridino study areas, Belomorian province17
N.E. Korol. Metamorphic evolution of the Pongomnavolok granulite-enderbite-charnockite complex, Belomorian mobile belt34
N.I. Kondrashova. Sources and possible causes of Paleoproterozoic magmatism in the southern part of the Karelian Craton (Baltic Shield)57
M.A. Gogolev. Geochemical types of subvolcanic dacite rhyolite complexes from the entral part of the Vedlozero-Segozero greenstone belt (Karelian Craton)82
L.V. Kuleshevich, I.L. Oleinik. Ore mineralization and genesis of the Yuzhka goldlimonite occurrence, Elmus area, Karelia96
Short communications111
Yu.E. Deines. Lithochemical features of shungite rocks horizons, Onega structure111
I.A. Zueva, L.I. Bakunovich. Seismic situation in the northern parts of the Karelian craton (Fennoscandian Shield)116
A.A. Kovalchuk, A.V. Prikhodko, O.I. Konkov, N.N. Rozhkova. Graphene-like carbon of shungite rocks of Karelia for the production of nanostructured films121
T.Yu. Tovpenets. The influence of formation conditions on the structural micro heterogeneity of shungites128
A.G. Nikiforov. Ore mineralization of the southern flank of the Khizovaara structure134
V.V. Shchiptsov. International Congress for Applied Mineralogy (Belgorod, September 2327, 2019)141
Oleg I. Volodichev (on the 80th anniversary)143
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