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Щипцов В.В.
Графитоносные рудные районы Фенноскандинавского щита
Shchiptsov V.V. Graphite-bearing ore areas of the Fennoscandian Shield // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 2. Precambrian Geology Series. 2022. Pp. 33-49
Keywords: flake graphite; Fennoscandian Shield; critical mineral; ore district; electromagnetic anomalies; Raman spectroscopy; lithium-ion batteries; concentrator; super-pure concentrate
The article highlights the demand for natural graphite in the global mineral economy and the relevance of super pure graphite deposits. Due to its high electrical conductivity, polarizability and reduced thermal conductivity, graphite is a versatile material for use in high technologies in the 21st century (a key component of highly efficient refractory lining for steel production, anodes with high charge capacity for lithium-ion batteries, source of graphene, etc.). An overview of the graphite-bearing ore areas of the Fennoscandian Shield is given. It is shown that in Norway, Sweden and Finland the complex of prospecting, evaluation and exploration activities is carried out using geophysical techniques, mainly electric exploration methods of natural and induced polarization electric fields of different modifications, and electric logging, with limited use of other types of geophysical research. It is remarked that SEM electron microscopy, XRD and Raman spectroscopy have been used in studies of flake graphite. Graphite deposits in Norway are concentrated in four provinces: Senja, Lofoten-Vesterålen, Holandsfjord, and Bample. Two are depleted (Rendalsvik mine and Jennestad mine) and one is in operation (Skaland mine). In Sweden, a promising graphite ore field, Woxna, stands out. It contains four graphite deposits – Kringel, Gropabo, Mattsmyra, and Mansberg. The Kringel deposit is one of
the best explored sites. Woxna Graphite AB, a subsidiary of the international Leading Edge Material Corp, is reviving the development of the Woxna project on the principles of circular economy, with the Kringel graphite deposit as a priority. Graphite is a common mineral in the shale formations of the Svekofennian province in Finland. The Piippumäki ore field is an important graphite deposit. The effect of Raman spectroscopy on the graphite-bearing Rautalampi and Käypsuo shales in the Savo belt (central Finland) is demonstrated. Information is given on graphite occurrences in the Karelian-Kola region. Characteristics of the Ihala graphite-bearing field of the Ladoga mobile region and the Salnetundra graphitebearing zone of the Kola Peninsula are reported.
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