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С.В. Высоцкий, Т.А. Веливецкая, А.В. Игнатьев.
Мультиизотопный (δ33S, δ34S, δ36S) состав серы сульфидов древних руд: значимость для определения источников серы, биогеохимических процессов и генезиса месторождений
S.V. Vysotskiy, T.A. Velivetskaya, A.V. Ignatiev. Multiisotope (δ33S, δ34S, δ36S) composition of sulfur in sulfides of ancient ores: significance for determining sulfur sources, biogeochemical processes // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 5. Precambrian Geology Series. 2022. P. 30–33
Keywords: sulfur isotope anomalies; Archean; Karelian craton; Siberian craton
New data on the isotopic (δ33S, δ34S, δ36S) composition of ancient sulfide ores of the Karelian and Siberian cratons have been obtained. An in situ analysis of the isotope composition in sulfides made it possible to draw conclusions about the sources of sulfur during the formation of Archean deposits, the biological influence on the formation of sulfide ores, and the features of the environmental impact (atmosphere, hydrosphere) on sulfide formation.
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