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Н.В. Лубнина, А.И. Слабунов, А.В. Степанова, Н.С. Нестерова.
Беломорский подвижный пояс в составе суперконтинента Нуна/Колумбия: новые палеомагнитные и геологические данные
N.V. Lubnina, А.I. Slabunov, А.V. Stepanova, N.S. Nesterova. Belomorian mobile belt as part of the Nuna/Columbia supercontinent: new paleomagnetic and geological data // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 5. Precambrian Geology Series. 2022. Pp. 85-90
Keywords: Belomorian Mobile Belt; Paleoproterozoic; Supercontinent; Nuna/Columbia; paleomagnetism; geodynamic reconstructions; remagnetization
Analysis of the evolution of the Belomorian Mobile Belt (BMB) suggests that the metamorphism of gabbroic rocks was accompanied by their remagnetization and that lateral variations in magnetization constituents carry evidence for the time sequence of the extension of the western foreland of the Lapland-Kola orogen (LKO) to upper crustal levels. The latter formed while the Nuna/Columbia Supercontinent was being made up. The combined study of metamorphosed Paleoproterozoic igneous complexes has revealed a remagnetization trend in BMB rocks. The study has shown that the remagnetization front spread here from the north-west to the south-east and that it seems to be due to the collision pattern upon LKO formation. In addition, remagnetization in the southern BMB and in the southeastern Karelian Craton, dated at 1.65-1.60 Ga, was revealed. It seems to be due to the final episodes of formation of the Svecofennian orogen.
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