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Examples from the Vedlozero-Segozero greenstone belt (Central Karelia, Russia)

Textural features are wel preserved on all the Archean and Proterozoic komatiite assemblages studied. You can see on the photo that massive, differentiated and variolitic lava flows and tuffs varying in size from pelitic to agglomerate are clearly distinguishable.

Komatitic tuff horizon (Koikary structure)

Komatiitic tuff bed at a contact between peridotitic and piroxenitic komatiite flows (Palaselga structure)

Komatiitic tuff horizon (Koikary structure). Pelite beds are observed to alternate with psammitic tuff lenses

Individual lava fragments occur in the komatiitic tuff (Koikary structure)

Komatiitic autobreccia (Sovdozero structure)

Polygonal jointing in a peridotitic komatiite flow (Plaselga structure)

Polygonal jointing in a peridotitic komatiite flow (Palaselga structure)

Spinifex-zone in komatiite flow (Koikary structure)

Variolitic texture in pyroxenitic komatiites from the Koikary structure

Pyroxenitic komatiite pillow lavas in the Koikary structure

Tholeiitic pillow lava (Palaselga structure)

1. Introduction
2. Geology
3. Layered flows
4. Structures
5. Petrography
6. Geochemistry
7. Mantle sources
8. References
9. Researcher (Sergei Svetov)

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