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Researcher (Sergei Svetov)

Svetov Sergei (Ph.D) - Senior scientist in laboratory of Geodinamics and Metallogeny, Institute of Geology, Karelian Research Centre RAS.

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Education: Leningrad (St.-Petersburg) State Universuty, department of Geology, Petrography.

Academic Qualification: Candidat (Ph.D) of Geological-Mineralogical Sciences, Petrography and Volcanology. Awarded- 28.10.1995. Thesis: Petrlogy of komatiite-tholiitic series in the Vedlozero - Segozero greenstone belt, Karelia.

Research interests: petrology of the mantle magmatic processes, geochemical modelling of behaviour of trace elements and REE's in meltts, geodinamic of the crust-mantle system of the Archaen greenstone belts.

1. Introduction
2. Geology
3. Layered flows
4. Structures
5. Petrography
6. Geochemistry
7. Mantle sources
8. References
9. Researcher (Sergei Svetov)

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